7 Post-Debate Opinions You Should Read


The second Republican debate is in the books, and the pundits have offered their reviews. Fiorina seems to be the consensus winner, although most people see Trump as still firmly in control. Marco Rubio has been praised for his huge command of the issues, and Trump is criticized for being weak in foreign policy.

Here’s 7 commentaries that you shouldn’t miss.

Sorry, Republicans: It’s still Donald Trump’s world. Eugene Robinson gets the Trump part right. Despite having a weaker than expected debate, he’s still in charge. Robinson misses on his assessment of Ben Carson.

In Donald Trump Should be scared of Marco Rubio, Vox writer Zack Beauchamp nails Rubio’s performance. Even though Rubio was overshadowed somewhat by the emergence of Fiorina and the back and forth between Trump and Bush, Rubio showed the greatest command of issues. Contrasted to Trump, this could spell trouble.

Scott Walker needs to re-assure his donors after another less than stellar performance. Walker is knowledgeable and a strong candidate, but overshadowed on a stage with a lot of good candidates. It’s going to impact his donor base soon.

Donald Trump is throwing more barbs at Fiorina today focusing on her questionable business past. After her strong performance, Fiorina can expect a lot more attention on her past. She is likely to be prepared. With Trump spending so  much time on Fiorina, does he see her as a rising threat?

Nate Silver, who established a mountian of credibility from the last election cycle, is bullish on Fiorina and bearish on Trump. But who does he think will get the nomination? Bush. The fact is, establishment politics is very hard to beat even with a strong grassroots effort.

Who does Nate Silver think has the second best chance to win? Marco Rubio. And the USA Today loved his performance on foreign policy. Speaking of Rubio, evidently one of his staffers punched a Rand Paul staffer after the event.

Second place candidate Ben Carson lacked energy once again. But that may be a good thing and just a part of his strategy. Whatever he is doing, it’s working according to The Week.

Mark Philips is the general editor for ConservativeNewsHub.com.

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