Donald Trump’s Ultimate Act of Cowardice


Mark down Tuesday, January 26th, 2016 as the official end of Donald Trump’s candidacy for president. On this day, Mr. Trump turned in his bravado and his tough talk because he’s being treated – in his words – ‘unfair’.

Yet this is the man who is going to deal with Vladimir Putin? With China?

The Washington Post covers the story:

MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa — Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump abruptly announced here Tuesday that he would not participate in Thursday’s scheduled debate, escalating his off-and-on feud with Fox News Channel and throwing the GOP campaign into turmoil.

Trump’s assertion, which his campaign manager insisted was irreversible, came less than one week before the kickoff Iowa caucuses.

Donald’s feud with Megan Kelly is well known, but it was a joke press release sent out by Fox News that riled Trump’s feathers this time around.

Earlier in the day, Donald Trump asked his Twitter followers if he should do the debate:

Evidently he read the results closely. This statement was posted a few hours later:

Comments on Twitter were quick and fierce:


What are your thoughts?

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