How is Funding Planned Parenthood Even an Option?


The Center for Medical Progress continues put nails in the coffin of Planned Parenthood’s weak defense over their tissue procurement program. In their 10th released video, CMP features interviews with multiple Planned Parenthood executives and directors who openly admit to:

  • Receiving ‘remuneration’ for procuring various body parts. As one executive says “hearts, livers, oh, and gonads! Always gonads!”
  • The problem of public perception if news gets out that they sell baby parts
  • The need to avoid having a national policy on tissue procurement

The amount of wink-wink, nod-nod occurring in these videos is enough to induce whiplash. While there is a percentage of Americans who will always defend Planned Parenthood, any objective viewer would have difficulty coming to any conclusion other than concluding that Planned Parenthood is selling baby parts, for profit, with the hope of not getting caught.

But despite the absolutely damning videos, Planned Parenthood continues to receive funding. Leaders in congress continue to refuse to take a stand. Donald Trump hasn’t backed off of his assertion to look at “the good they do”.

This isn’t a difficult choice. In fact, it’s quite clear. Here are 3 reasons that congress, and Republicans, in particular, need to step up immediately and divert funds to other organizations.

Reason 1: There Are Better Alternatives

Republicans and conservatives have never been good at delivering a message. With regards to the Planned Parenthood videos, the message has been a resounding “Defund Planned Parenthood”. But this chant leaves conservatives open for the counterattack that defunding Planned Parenthood would remove necessary services from women.

Conservatives need to make our message clear: we don’t want to defund women’s services, we want to divert funds from Planned Parenthood to the thousands of clinics that provide good services, without the “baby-killing, crush above, crush below so we can get the good stuff” part of their services.

For Democrats and Republicans, this should be a no-brainer. Of course, Democrats will object because they receive plenty of funding from Planned Parenthood.

Reason 2: Planned Parenthood Pays For Their Survival

It is important in this argument to not lose sight of the key objection: Planned Parenthood is engaged in a morally corrupt business, both in abortion and in the sale of baby parts. From a legal perspective, there is little doubt that they are skirting and violating the law, possibly multiple laws.

But there is a strategic element to this argument that should have Republicans united. Every year, Planned Parenthood receives half a billion dollars in government aid. Some of that money gets poured directly back to the Democrats who work so hard to secure that funding.

In 2014, Planned Parenthood spent $679,596 in PAC spending and other donations to elect candidates who will continue to fund this criminal organization.

While the main issue is still the violation of Federal law by Planned Parenthood, Republicans also need to recognize the pragmatic opportunity to remove a key source of funding for Democrats.

Reason 3: Do We Really Need Three Reasons?

What other organization could possibly survive the scandal of selling harvested parts from unborn babies? What other organization would still be considered “good” for openly admitting to changing medical procedures in order to harvest body parts? What other organization could be caught on camera talking about how good it will be to be ‘reimbursed’ for selling baby parts?

Planned Parenthood’s mission is to provide abortion services for women. Despite their misleading claim that abortion is just 3% of their services, they still have a 9:1 ratio of providing abortions versus regular prenatal services. Why is the ratio so high? Because abortion, and the sale of baby parts, is profitable.

For a company that saw ‘profits’ of $90 million, do we really need to spend taxpayers money enabling Planned Parenthood to continue their violation of Federal law?

It’s Time For You to Take Action

It is time for regular citizens to step up and demand that our politicians take action. Even if you believe abortion should be legal, the violation of laws designed to protect women from the harvesting of body parts for profit should not be allowed. Here are three ways you can take action today.

  1. Share this article. Or share any article you find on this topic. It’s not enough to silently say you disagree with Planned Parenthood.
  2. Support Candidates Who Are Strong on the Issue. Most of the Presidential candidates have strongly denounced Planned Parenthood. Support these candidates, and support your local candidates running for Senate or the House.
  3. Urge Your Representatives to Take Action. If you live in a conservative district, urge your representative to take action. If they have a town hall meeting, attend it and address the issue. Write to their offices, call their offices, but don’t let them push this issue to the side.

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