NYTimes Op-Ed Slams Pope for ‘Forgiveness’


Pro-abortionists just can’t get their story straight. For years, pro-aborts have paraded the peril, stress, and difficulty a woman faces when faced with the decision of abortion. They’ve pushed stories of women who were forced into abortions by uncaring boyfriends, or stories of women who are faced with life-threatening conditions.

Prolifers were the people who were uncaring, they said. We didn’t understand the plight of women.

So you would think that when Pope Francis invites women into forgiveness and healing for the pain of abortion that pro-abortionists would see this as a positive gesture, right?

Evidently not. Jill Filipovic thinks he’s being condescending.

“Offering Forgiveness is Judgmental”

At the heart of Jill’s twisted argument is that offering forgiveness implies that women who have an abortion did something wrong.

Offering forgiveness is a softer version of the same judgment: that the millions of women around the world who have abortions every year are sinners.

In Jill’s world, killing an unborn baby isn’t wrong, it’s just a decision that society should embrace as normal – even as something that is good! Women don’t regret abortion, Jill says, they love it!

Research shows that a vast majority of women who terminate pregnancies in the United States don’t actually feel bad about it. In surveys, nearly all say it was the right thing to do, and positive feelings of relief or happiness outweigh negative feelings of regret or guilt for more than nine in 10 women, even years after the procedure.

But Aren’t We Supposed to Feel Compassion?

For years, the pro-abortion message is that unless you are a pregnant woman, facing the struggles that a pregnant woman feels, you have no right to tell her that abortion is wrong. In the word’s of President Obama, abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare”.

No one wants an abortion, the pro-abortionist will tell you, but it should be there when it is needed.

So pro-lifers are supposed to feel compassion for women who go through with the procedure. But as soon as pro-lifers show this compassion, Jill claims that there is no reason for compassion because most women don’t even care. She claims that the shame most women feel is a result of people having compassion:

Inviting women to feel shame and guilt for their abortions isn’t a mercy; it’s cruelty.

Oh, the irony of that phrase: to call the pope cruel for forgiving women of their abortions while ignoring the babies ripped apart in the womb.

The Guilt of Abortion is Real

While the pope makes a compassionate move towards reconciliation for those women who understand the grave mistake of their abortions, Jill Flipovich wants us to tell these women that what they did wasn’t wrong at all:

But women primarily feel guilty when they experience stigma and a lack of support for their choice. In telling women that they can be forgiven during this one year [this is not accurate as priests have always been able to forgive the sin of abortion, see this blog post for an explanation], the pope plays on the ambivalence and embarrassment that can come from silence around abortion. He sends the message that Catholic women, who, according to surveys have abortions at roughly the same rate as non-Catholic women, should feel ashamed.

Should a woman who had an abortion feel ashamed? Absolutely.

For Jill Filipovic to tell these women to hide from their shame and to cover up their shame is an act of cruelty in its own right. Women who had an abortion deserve the opportunity to face their crime and to seek forgiveness.

Jill Filipovic wants to continue the lie which lead a woman to think that abortion is even a valid choice to begin with.

Most Mothers Are Lied To

Jill completely mischaracterizes the pro-life movement by painting our view of women as some helpless, clueless bimbo:

According to the mercy narrative, entirely normal and common reproductive choices are actually tragedies in which women are ignorant dupes manipulated by doctors or unsupportive partners. In the decades immediately following Roe v. Wade, abortion clinics were besieged by protesters yelling that women were murderers; that was bad P.R. for the American anti-abortion movement. Today, the picketer is most likely a self-styled “sidewalk counselor,” often shouting “you’re a mother now” and “don’t kill your baby.” At anti-abortion rallies, women stand with placards reading “I Regret My Abortion” (and are sometimes flanked by men broadcasting the same message, who were apparently handed the wrong sign).

The anti-abortion movement’s refashioning of women seeking abortions from selfish tramps to weak-willed victims has been an effective move. In 2000, after a decade of often violent anti-abortion protests, the Supreme Court upheld a buffer zone around a Colorado clinic to keep protesters from getting too close. More than a decade later, after anti-abortion demonstrators had successfully morphed into “sidewalk counselors,” a buffer zone law again reached the Supreme Court, and the court struck it down, reasoning that the individuals chasing women down the sidewalk “are not protesters; they seek not merely to express their opposition to abortion, but to engage in personal, caring, consensual conversations with women about various alternatives.”

The fact is, most women who are faced with an unexpected or troubled pregnancy, are told repeatedly that abortion is an easy way out or even a merciful way out of the pregnancy. That’s the reason that 92% of down syndrome children are aborted.

For a woman who is facing a radically different life due to her pregnancy, the voices that encourage her to seek an abortion must be tempting. But these women are not stupid. They may be lied to, and they may be willing to listen to the lie while it is convenient, but after the abortion is done, they’ll be faced with the life-long knowledge that their child is now dead.

Some women will continue the lie and tell others that they are happy with their choices, but a few brave women seek forgiveness. Pope Francis is offering them an avenue to do just that.


Mark Philips is the general editor for ConservativeNewsHub.com.

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