Rules for ConservativeNewsHub Guest Writers

We want to provide content that readers love. To help us achieve this goal, we’ve developed the following rules and guidelines that we ask all writers to follow.

Fill In Your Author Profile

Readers want to know who they are reading. Fill in your author profile before submitting articles.

  • At least 2-3 sentences describing who you are, but no more than 5 sentences.
  • Author image must be a photograph or illustration of the author himself/herself. No logos, abstract designs, Rorschach inkblots. You get the idea.
  • You are welcome to include links to your blogs, books, or social media accounts.

Content, Style, and Length

  • Posts must be AT LEAST 800 words in length.
  • That said, readers LOVE longer posts so long as you break the content up into proper sections. Got a 3,000 word article? Then we’ll love you forever.
  • Articles should offer commentary and opinion on current news items from a conservative viewpoint.
  • You should bring your own style to your writing, however, please use proper grammar and spelling. Posts with excessive errors in either grammar or spelling will be rejected.
  • Cussing or using derogatory language will not be allowed.


Formatting your text is extremely important if you want it to be readable. Please follow these guidelines:

  • Use bulleted lists when using a list
  • Add bolding and italics selectively to make content stand out
  • Use header tags (h2, h3, h4) to add titles to sections and subsections
  • Headers in H2 tags
  • Sub-headers in h3 and h4 tags, as needed.
  • No span tags
  • No div tags
  • No filler/font formatting that affects content appearance
  • Write out numbers one-ten. 11 and up are written as digits. Percentages are written as digits.
  • Only one space after all punctuation.
  • First and last words in a heading are always capitalized. You do not need to capitalize articles (a, an, the).


Links are valuable tools for citing supporting text. Links help establish your expertise and tell the reader that you are a fact-based writer. Please include supporting links as much as possible.

  • Aim for at least 3 citations in every post.
  • If you have a relationship with a company or someone mentioned in your post, you must disclose it.
  • No call-to-actions that are self-promotional ( “Our new white paper covers this topic in detail. Click here to download!”).
  • We reserve the right to add rel=”nofollow” to any link.
  • Any images that appear to link to questionable sources in an attempt to get a link, including infographics, may result in an entire post not being published.


  • At least one image per post.
  • All images must be centered if they are on their own line (not aligned with text).
  • Set all image display sizes to Large.
  • All images MUST be attributed. Tell us where you found the image so we can give the original source the proper attribution.
  • All photos must have attribution either immediately below the image, in the caption of the image, or en masse at the end of the article, in chronological order.Like this: Image credit: Photographer name|
  • Choose a featured image – every post must be accompanied by a featured image.
  • No overtly branded featured images or in-post images that make the post look sponsored
  • Don’t include an image as the beginning of your post. Post images to appear after 150 words.

After Your Post is Published

  • Share your post on social media channels. Facebook and Twitter are our two primary channels, although you are welcome to share anywhere you have a strong presence.
  • Follow up with comments, both on Facebook and on our website. There will be comments on Facebook, so be sure to be an active participant and defend your position!
  • Posts that our editorial staff deems as being particularly strong will be featured and boosted through various social network channels.

Editorial Review & Corrections

  • Any member of the editorial team has the right to reject a post on any grounds.
  • In the instance of corrections to byline, facts, or updates to published articles, SEJ reserves the right to edit any post at any time. Post changes will be noted with a note from the editor about the change and the reasoning for the update or change, if applicable.
  • The post or article cannot be published anywhere else online, before submitting or after we publish. Your post could be removed if we see it published elsewhere.
  • If a word is used in a title or post that we believe puts negative attention on the content (e.g. a curse word), we reserve the right to replace the word with one that is just as descriptive, but with a less negative connotation.