The Shocking Shift of the Pro-Abortion Movement


There is a shocking and disturbing shift occurring among pro-abortion advocates. In the past, pro-abortionists argued that women who had abortions needed our empathy for making an intensely personal and painful decision. Whatever we said about these women, calling abortion ‘murder’ was off-limits.

But with the re-invigoration of the pro-life movement from David Daleiden’s undercover videos, pro-choicers at all levels are shifting their argument. There is no hiding from the reality of abortion anymore, and even if the media refuses to cover the videos, pro-abortionists know that the “clump of cells” argument has a very short shelf-life.

So their new argument is to be unashamed of their reality. Rather than ask whether it’s a baby at all, they’ll shout from the rooftops that they are proud of their murder.

#ShoutYourAbortion on Twitter

Leading the charge in this change of message is a new campaign on Twitter under the hashtag of #ShoutYourAbortion. Here are a few samples:

The Woman Behind #ShoutYourAbortion

The #ShoutYourAbortion hashtag was started by Lindy West, and she wrote an article on why she started the hashtag.

Here are a few excerpts:

Plenty of people still believe that on some level – if you are a good woman – abortion is a choice which should be accompanied by some level of sadness, shame or regret. But you know what? I have a good heart and having an abortion made me happy in a totally unqualified way. Why wouldn’t I be happy that I was not forced to become a mother?

She has a good heart, so there is no way that what she did was wrong, got it? People who have good hearts can’t commit grave acts of immorality, evidently. In fact, if you have a ‘good heart’, you should be proud of everything you do, including evil acts.

In addition to this awkward, weird defense in the name of a ‘good heart’, her litmus test for what is right or wrong is completely skewed: “having an abortion made me happy in a totally unqualified way.”

So if something makes you happy, then you should do it? Isn’t that what got you pregnant in the first place?

The ironic thing about these statements is that these same women who claim they are just doing what makes them ‘happy’ (with no regard for the life they are killing) are eager to condemn a capitalist for taking advantage of the poor (even though he may claim happiness), or a pornographer for objectifying women (even though the pornographer may claim happiness), or even a murderer who kills for fun.

The truth is that life is unfathomably complex, people with uteruses own their bodies unconditionally, and every abortion story is as unique as the person who lives it. Some are traumatic, some are even regretted, but plenty are like mine.

When Lindy says “plenty [of abortions] are like mine”, what she means to say is that they are abortions of convenience. She didn’t want to get pregnant, but she did because she chose to have sex. Having a kid would have changed her life, and she didn’t want that.

Lindy closes her article with this statement:

…we are right, and however glacially society evolves, it is evolving in the right direction. Abortion is common. Abortion is happening. Abortion needs to be legal, safe and accessible to everyone. Abortion is a thing you can say out loud.

I am not sorry.

May God have mercy on her soul.

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